Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Paper Bead Workshop

I went to the Luke Center and waited for Luke Leaders to come, so I could teach them how to make paper beads. The Luke Leaders have many tasks to do like calling clients, so the first two people who arrived didn't have time. But luckily since the list dwindled down, the next group of three people sat down and helped me make the beads.

It was really fun to talk to them while making the paper beads and the designs they thought of were very interesting and unique.

I want to make another workshop time, but maybe on a different day since I want to teach more people. I hope the Luke Leaders will continue to make paper beads for the Sustainibility Fair because I think it will be a good idea because you can make a lot of them, so many people will buy them and have a token to remember to reuse, reduce, and recycle. (trash to treasure items usually sell out fast, so having many products will make sure more people who want one will have one)

I feel as though, however, that I need to take a bit more responsibility in this idea for the Sustainibility Fair in order to make sure the idea gets through and finishes.

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